It’s finally time for the sign in the yard. Months or days of anticipation have gone into this moment and your plans are on the cusp of becoming a reality. If you’re like most homeowners, deciding to sell your home has come with careful thought and discussion. However, just because the for sale sign is in the yard, doesn’t mean the hard work is over. Overlooking proper home seller etiquette can prove a disaster for the eager home seller. Following these etiquette tips increase the chances of selling quickly smoothing the way for an enjoyable experience for both buyer and seller.

Declutter and freshen the inside. Before the appointment center calls for showings, have a plan in place to declutter and freshen the house. Delegate certain rooms to family members so you can divide and conquer if given short notice on the showing. In a rush, throw household items into the back of your car. A decluttered house not only feels more spacious but also cleaner. Freshen up the bathrooms with scented cleaner and make sure the toilet seats are down.

Leave the house during showings. Allowing potential buyers to freely explore both the interior and the exterior of your home allows them the ability to more easily visualize themselves residing in your home. Leave about 10-15 minutes before a scheduled showing just in case buyers are early and make sure parking is easily accessible.

Take pets with you. Even though you can’t imagine life without your four-footed friends, potential buys can. Taking pets with you during a house showing not only protects your animals but displays sensitivity to buyers who may have allergies or an aversion to household animals. A pet-loving neighbor may be available to help with pets for showings during the workday.

Trust your agent. You’ve hired your agent to help you sell your home and, if all goes well, you’ll be closing in a few weeks and compensating your agent for his or her time and dedication. Giving your agent the space to negotiate with potential agents and buyers helps you get the most out of your home and utilizes your agent’s expertise.

Preparing to sell your home is a life-changing decision. Even after the for sale sign is in the yard, proper home seller etiquette is crucial to remember.

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