Congratulations in advance! We hear you’re on the look out for your own dream home. We do admit that that can be an extremely satisfying process to begin with, but the age old advice of “buyer beware,” still holds true. There are multiple signs that should warn you to pass up the particular property in question. That’s why we’re here for you at the Sheryl Deskin Team. The only way to learn some things is by asking a professional. Contact us. In the midst of your understandable excitement, please try to steer clear of (if at all possible) the following home buying red flags. Seriously, avoid these things like the plague, that is unless you are prepared financially to pay for repairs and/or replacements in the future. Don’t fret though. We’ll help you to successfully navigate this seeming minefield of options.

  • Major cracks or noticeable separations in the driveway concrete if that applies.
  • Pay attention to all wall surfaces, interior and exterior. Cracks in these surfaces could indicate possible foundation settling.
  • water stains on sheet-rock walls or ceilings
  • a water-heater, furnace, or heat and air unit that is way past its prime
  • other complications that can impede or even prevent a successful sale

To explain these things further, small, shallow cracks in a concrete drive may not be that big of a deal or even be that noticeable. Avoid buying a home with wide crevices in the concrete driveway. When you encounter a crack in an interior sheetrock wall or an exterior brick wall, it may indicate movement of the structure. A settling foundation is no simple matter, but it can be repaired somewhat. Note that this does require expensive labor and expertise to take care of the issue properly. Water stains could indicate a roof or plumbing leak. If a major purchase would be required in the near future,  it is in your best interest to discover it before you purchase the home.

When you are ready to begin this exciting search, feel free to give anyone at the Sheryl Deskin Team a call. We will help you be on the lookout for these and other home buying red flags that new home buyers often overlook. You can contact us here.