Follow these steps to home buying, and you will make the right decisions in the right order. You will follow an efficient and well-trodden route to owning your home, and you will always feel in control of your own destiny. We put these home buying steps together to help you, especially if you are not someone who has bought a lot of homes. There is a lot to cover, so we have divided them into two separate blogs (blog 2 coming November 30th, stay tuned!). Let’s begin.

Step 1: Decide to Buy, Because It Is the Right Decision for You

Deciding to buy, instead of renting or living with family, is a major decision. It should be an immensely satisfying decision and, when you do it properly, it becomes a sound investment. Personal satisfaction, pride of ownership, creating value, and building equity are all part of home ownership. Most people, especially those who buy their first home, do not know all they would like to know as they take this first step, and that is why the second best step is to talk with us at Sheryl Deskin. Read on to see why.

Step 2: Talk With The Sheryl Deskin Team

We are here to help you make good decisions; decisions that are right for you. Our clients know us, trust us, and respect how we do things. We want you to join them. That is such an important point. We are not here to get you to buy a property; we are here to advise and to help you make good decisions.

Once you have taken Step 1 you will need reliable information before you can take Steps 3 and 4, so here’s what we do to make Step 2 successful. We will:

  • Always answer your questions.
  • Help you to understand the current housing market.
  • Ask you questions so we understand what you must have, would like to have, must not have, and would rather not have in your new home. This is sort of your “wish list.” It will help you to get your thoughts clear, and it helps us to know how best to help you.
  • Work out which potential homes in which areas best suit your “wish list.” It enables us to guide you towards the right homes from which you will want to choose.
  • Work with other professionals right through the process, especially after you go to contract. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to keep everything on track to ensure a smooth and on-time closing.

Step 3: Secure Your Financing

If you need a mortgage, now is the time to get pre-approved. There are many mortgage options and many mortgage lenders. You want to choose the right lender with the most suitable mortgage package for you and your unique situation. We can help you here as well.

Step 4: Find “Your” New Home

We will use your wish list to narrow things down, so you look at possible homes in a focused way. When you view homes with us, you get a clearer idea about your wish list – and so do we. You may see something you hadn’t thought of, so we add it to your list, or you may change your mind about something, so we work with you on how to change the priority of that feature.

We also have some excellent apps to help you so you can tour areas on your own, visit open houses, or if you just happen to see a property as you pass by. We can put everything you need for the home buying process at your fingertips.

At the Sheryl Deskin team, we are here to help make sure your home buying process is as seamless as possible. Please contact us today for more information, and be on the lookout for our next post with more steps to buying a new home!