Selling your home is an exciting, nerve-wracking experience. Whether moving onto greener pastures of closer to your hometown, the reasons behind a house listing are as varied as can be. It’s important to keep your house as closing-ready as possible, and we’ve compiled these 7 steps to selling your home.

1. Reasons for Selling – Is the house too small? Too big? Too long of a commute? Why exactly are you listing the place? Do you need to be rid of it ASAP? The urgency of selling a home can affect its price, so keep in mind the reasons you’re moving.

2. Cost of Selling – Selling a house is difficult business; pricing is everything. Too little, and you’ll struggle to manage the costs of selling the place. After all, selling a home is expensive business, and short-changing yourself to keep the cost of a house low will come back to bite you in the end.

3. Price – Under-pricing your home may result in a loss for you, while over-pricing means few offers and a prolonged stay on the market. The longer a home is on the market, the lower the offers will become. Try to find the sweet spot!

4. Location – A better location, closer to workplaces and an urban center, might drive up the price of your home. If you live in an upscale area versus a rural one, odds are your home will be in higher demand.

5. Quality of the Home – Anything you can do to impact the condition of your property will help it sell more quickly. Cut the grass, maintain the exterior, paint the fence, etc.

6. Staging –  Walking into an empty house doesn’t do much for buyers’ imaginations. Clean, paint, use furniture that’s modern and classy-looking to help your home look more appealing to others. A well-placed rug or sofa can work wonders on an empty room.

7. Accessibility – The closer you are to public transportation, parks, shopping malls, etc. will play a huge part in selling your home. While it’s more of a hit-or-miss, being closer to local landmarks and highways will only help your home sell.

There are quite a few things you can do to help your home sell more quickly and for a higher price. Keep these tips in mind while you prepare your home for the market!

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