At the Sheryl Deskin Team we guarantee satisfaction. Our goal is to make sure you achieve your goals and sell your home. Here is how we do that:

You and Your Needs Come First

When it comes to selling your property you have goals you want to achieve. Our initial goal is to understand what you want to achieve and in what time frame. We keep that front and center, as we prepare a complete marketing program that will be directed at achieving your goals. That is our ultimate goal – helping you achieve yours.

We also arrange with you things like how frequently, and through what medium we will stay in touch with each other. You want us to keep you up to date with actions and progress, and we want you to keep us up to date with anything from your perspective.

The Market, Your Goals, Our Expertise

We use our expertise plus our “ear-to-the-ground” knowledge. We do that to make the most of market conditions in general, and to make the most of individual buyer activity.

Our team is part of a much larger team of realtors. Since buyers come from many places, we have a comprehensive marketing program for your property that covers the entire country, and uses the latest technology. We want to find the right buyer for you, but we do not stop there. We also make certain that every other realtor in the St. Louis area, who may already be working with a potential buyer, knows all they need to know about your property so they want to bring their buyer to your home.

Other realtors know us, and know our professionalism. They know we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. They know that we list properly, market effectively, and coordinate excellently. Those abilities enable and encourage successful closings.

Some Essential Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Getting to a successful (and on-time) closing takes more than listing a property and following a marketing program. The Sheryl Deskin Team covers all the bases. We:

  • Know your goals.
  • Ask you all the questions we need to, and we answer all your questions.
  • Help you to prepare your property for showings by explaining what touch-ups or fix-ups may help you to sell your home at the right price and in your preferred time frame.
  • Advise you on “staging your home” so buyers get the best impression, and remember your home better than the others they see.
  • List and market your property in the best way.
  • Negotiate the best terms we can.
  • Manage the post-contract work that both sides need to do, so everything happens on schedule.
  • Make sure you close on time.
  • Handle any post-closing actions, because some closings are done by mail.

So why should you sell your home with the Sheryl Deskin Team you ask? It is because we provide a fully comprehensive process that guarantees your satisfaction. We would love to answer your questions, so please click this link to contact us, because experience really is the difference.