Think of the Realty Search app as your own personal “easy button” for real estate. Keller Williams and The Sheryl Deskin Team are making it even easier for you to find your perfect home – no matter where it is. Most buyers have two common needs they want answered immediately:

  1. What homes, of the sort I am looking for, are available in this particular area?
  2. l am outside a home right now, and l want to know enough about it to decide if I should call The Sheryl Deskin Team

The Realty Search app lets you do both. It is a real-time GPS-enabled app that lets you:

  1. Pinpoint a specific place, because you are standing outside it.
  2. Draw an area perimeter to search for homes for sale, and ones which are holding open houses.
  3.  You decide the types of property, price range, number of bedrooms, etc, so the app does the sifting for you.
  4. You can put in your search criteria, save it, and use it anytime, anywhere.
  5. You will see every home, not just Keller Williams listings, so you can rest assured that “if it’s on the market, you’ll know it”
  6. Get an instantaneous description of the property’s details
  7. Get a full-screen photo gallery tour of the property.
  8. Make your own notes so you have your own database of facts, opinions and ideas.
  9. Forward the home’s details to anyone else – you may see something you think a friend may be interested in. Or you may want to send the details to us, so we can do more research for you if you need it, or we can simply arrange a showing for you. If you want to share the details via email, Facebook or Twitter, the app lets you do that, too.

If you are a seller, and we are marketing your property, it’s good to know that we have added one more up-to-the­ minute method of getting your home in front of even more buyers.

How Do I Get the App?

Easy; there are four ways to get the app:

1. Click here and enter your mobile number

2. Text “kw2n2e3zk” to 87778

3. Go to your app store and search Keller Williams. Tap “My Agent” and search for Sheryl Deskin to connect with her directly.

4. Scan the QR code below